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Watch all the highlights from Label Lab - The Forum for Label and Packaging Innovation.

Hosted by Fedrigoni and Arconvert, the specialist labelling division of the Fedrigoni Group, Label Lab sought to jointly introduce the paper and self-adhesive materials that the Fedrigoni Group has to offer.

Launched on the 17th May 2017 at the grand Priory Church on St. John's Square, the event allowed guests to explore the aesthetics and craftsmanship of label and packaging design.

The event not only showcased a plethora of products, materials, and case studies but also included talks from a panel of leading international designers and influencers in the field of label and packaging design:

Pablo Martín (Atlas)
Richard Baird (BP&O)
Andy Giddings (Here)
Xavier Bas (Bas Disseny)

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