UK Stock Book Fedrigoni

The UK Stock Book

Designed for printers.

By collaborating closely with our UK printers, Fedrigoni has brought together a collection of fine papers that are available next day from our UK distribution facility in Northampton. This Stock Book combines a collection of high quality papers that meet the requirements of today's print industry. 


The collection presented in this book, meet the demand for papers that offer outstanding performance and value for money. The grades selected are popular with designers and their clients, and are commonly specified by printers. These papers are amongst the finest on the market and are presented here in their various colours and finishes. Each page details the weight, size and number of sheets per pack. 


Papers included are:

White Uncoated Papers: 
Arcolaser HP
Arcoprint 1 E.W.
Arcoprint Milk
Brampton Felt-Marked
Freelife Vellum
Sirio White/White
Splendorgel E.W.
Splendorgel E.W. Envelopes

Coloured Papers:
Materica Envelopes
Sirio Black/Black
Sirio Color
Sirio Ultra Black

Coated Papers and Boards:
Symbol Card
Symbol Chunky
Symbol Freelife Gloss
Symbol Freelife Satin
Symbol Matt Plus
Symbol Tatami

Self Adhesive Papers:
Adhoc Arcoprint
Adhoc Patty Print
Adhoc Splendorlux

Digital Xerox Papers:
Multipaper Colour Laser
Soho Xerox Splendorgel E.W.
Soho Xerox Symbol Freelife Gloss
Soho Xerox Symbol Freelife Satin

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