Piòraco mill earthquake
Piòraco mill earthquake team
Piòraco mill earthquake

Team Spirit

Fedrigoni and the village of Piòraco came together for the reconstruction of a historic site after the earthquake of 26th October 2016.

Fedrigoni and the village of Piòraco came together for the reconstruction of a historic site after the earthquake of 26th October 2016.


The reconstruction of Piòraco’s mill has been in full swing. Piòraco is one of Fedrigoni Group’s flagship mills which was almost entirely destroyed, fortunately without any injuries, from the earthquake which hit Umbria and Marche.


Piòraco is a small, beautiful and proud village, nestled between three mountains, with the river Potenza running through it. Known only to paper connoisseurs, and to some climbers and cyclists, it is in a logistically difficult territory, and now left battered by the earthquake.


Hard work and a dedicated business culture meant that reconstruction after the earthquake began straight away and today has seen great improvements to the site and area.


Thanks to the investments of the Fedrigoni Group, persistence of people and institutions involved in rebuilding  the mill, today the Piòraco mill highlights our commitment and dedication to paper making, the community and the environment in which our paper is made.


In December 2017 the mill will be ready to produce paper, thanks to the two new machines and additional improvements that will enable the factory’s production capacity to rise by 20%.  


With shifts from 5am to midnight and builders working daily to rebuild the factory in record time, we are set to reassume work just over a year after the earthquake.


The Piòraco mill employs 140 people, all of which are residents of the village that for many years has dedicated itself, generation after generation, to the manufacturing of valuable papers - for passports, drawing, art, and high-end packaging.

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