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Paper Box Experience: Agenda
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The Paper Box Experience

Join the live streaming events on 26 November and 3 December to explore the thought processes that lead to the creative act of selecting paper to bring an idea to life.

To inspire and be inspired, to share experiences and skills, to retrace the creative act that begins from the moment we select a type of paper to give shape to an idea or a dream. Paper Box Experience is a two-day, live streaming event on 26 November and 3 December, aimed to uncover the secrets of Paper Box: the entire Fedrigoni range of papers contained in a single, iconic, black box.


Paper Box is both practical and elegant. It is the entire existing collection of papers by Fedrigoni, a world leading Italian group in the production and distribution of special papers for packaging, publishing and graphics, and of self-adhesive labelling products. Nearly 900 different types of paper to turn any idea into reality.


But how does the creative process unfold? To answer this question, well-known speakers from the world of brands, graphic design, packaging and typography will bring their own insights to the event, live on


“Master Your Vision” is the theme of day one. The event, open to anyone who registers on the website, will open at 1:30 PM with an impactful video and introductions from Micaela Di Trana (Paper & Security Marketing Director). Chiara Medioli (Fedrigoni Group Marketing & Communications Director) will then present Paper Box, followed by the guest speakers. At 1:45 PM the designer Thomas Nicol from Givenchy will talk about the importance of paper in an all-digital world. This will be followed by, Marianne Givone from Dyptique who will discuss paper as a tool for communication. The designer Fernando Gutierrez will talk about creative processes and the opportunities for using paper in a graphic project, followed by printer Riccardo Pinali from Opero who will discuss the techincal challenges involved in the creation of a graphic product. Typographer Nello Russo from Archivio Tipografico will illustrate how a typeface can affect the result of a job using the example of FORMA, used for Paper Box. Finally, video director Kristian Andrews of Studio AKA will wrap things up in the afternoon, talking about how to turn paper, the tactile material par excellence, into a video production, as well as presenting an inspirational video about Paper Box.


The 3 December event has been created especially for designers, brand owners and printers. “Think inside the Box” is the subject of the closing afternoon, where two new monographic swatch books, inspired by Paper Box (and already touched on during day one), will be presented. At 1:30 PM Alice Marchetti, Simone Lucchi and Jonni Leoni from Fedrigoni will present products from the Sirio range and at 2:30 PM Fedrigoni’s Marta Franceschi and HP’s Evelyn Niebauer will talk about the new Fedrigoni digital printing paper for HP Indigo®.


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