Feel the Love Fedrigoni Swatch Book Greeting Cards
Feel the Love Fedrigoni Swatch Book for Greeting Cards

Feel the Love Swatch Book

The new swatch book for greeting card designers.

Feel the love with our new compact swatch book, created especially for greeting card designers. The book encloses a hand-picked collection of Fedrigoni boards that are ideal for the formation of strong yet elegant cards, perfect for any occasion.


The book consists of 12 different white and off-white card dummies, made to help designers choose the right stock for their next greeting card range.


The collection includes: Brampton Mono Stucco, Brampton Felt, Materica Gesso, Arcoprint Extra White, Arcoprint Extra White Fiandra, Symbol Card and Symbol Card Highline embossed boards.


If you would like to receive a copy of Feel the Love, speak with your local area representative or email us by clicking here.

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