Fedrigoni at Luxepack 2016
Fedrigoni at Luxepack 2016

Fedrigoni at Luxepack 2016

Fedrigoni will attend Luxepack Monaco with Freelife and the new range of Sirio Color shades and, thanks to the new The Art of Luxury Labelling Catalogue by Arconvert, also highlights integrated and complete solutions for various luxury packaging requirements.

Monaco, 21 – 23 September 2016

Fedrigoni will attend Luxepack Monaco with Freelife and the new range of Sirio Color shades and, thanks to the new The Art of Luxury Labelling Catalogue by Arconvert, the Group subsidiary specialising in self-adhesive products, we will also highlight integrated and complete solutions for various luxury packaging requirements.

Freelife is presented with a completely new and rich sample of interactive elements that emphasize the ongoing commitment by Fedrigoni in the environmental movement. Support for sustainable forest management, environment-friendly raw materials, less waste, lower energy and water consumption and Freelife Cento 100% recycled paper; These the principles inspire Fedrigoni's production and innovation and, thanks to major investments and technological improvements, continual improvements to production quality and efficiency in full respect of the ecosystem. The Freelife range includes:

  • Freelife Cento, the 100% recycled, uncoated paper produced in full compliance with the FSC® DIR-40-004 EN standard. It is completely ecological and ensures excellent performance in a variety of applications with an impressively smooth surface and extraordinary whiteness.
  • Freelife Kendo, recycled papers and boards, finely mottled on both sides made using 55% FSC®fibre, 40% recycled fibres and 5% hemp fibres.
  • Freelife Merida, recycled papers and boards, felt-marked on both sides and pulp-dyed with 55% FSC® fibre, 40% recycled fibres and 5% cotton fibres.
  • Freelife Vellum, recycled papers and boards, 55% FSC® fibre, 40% recycled fibre and 5% cotton fibre, available in Premium White, White and Ivory shades.

Sirio Color, the range of natural papers and boards with FSC® certification, made using ECF wood-free pulp, pulp-coloured with pigments ensuring excellent light fastness now embraces 25 colours with 5 new shades in line with contemporary requirements designed for optimal application even in combination, with deep and intense gradations: Iris, Cashmere, Antracite, Cacao and Nude.

Thanks to the variety of shades and weights alongside high colour intensity and uniformity, not to mention even better light fastness, the Sirio Color range is ideal for coordinated graphics such as box liners, shopping bags and catalogues. All new the colours are available in the following weights: 80-115-140-170- 210-290-350 gsm while Iris, Antracite, Cacao and Nude are also available in the 290g E/20 Denim embossed versions.

Even the Sirio Color swatchbook has been updated and now has five sections: Sirio Colour E/20 Denim 290g (20 colours), Sirio Colour yellow-red shades (Paglierino, Limone, Gialloro, Arancio, Vermiglione, Lampone, Cherry, Vino), Sirio Colour green-blue shades (Celeste, Turchese, Iris, Blu, Dark Blu, Lime, Foglia), Sirio Colour neutral shades (Nero, Caffè, Sabbia, Bruno, Perla, Pietra, Antracite, Cashemere, Nude, Cacao), Sirio White/White, Black/Black, Black/White and Ultra Black.

The Art of Luxury Labelling brings together the new range of self-adhesive materials by Arconvert, the Converting Division of the Fedrigoni Group. This is an exclusive collection of high-performance products developed under the banner of excellence and technological innovation. It embraces the largest broadest range of self-adhesive papers and films available on the market. Arconvert is the only self-adhesive material produce to offers a broad range of pulp-coloured papers and a selection of textures and colours which, together with the deluxe frontals produced by parent company Fedrigoni, completes the offering of innovative solutions for luxury packaging.

With The Immaculate Papers, Arconvert presents nine deluxe materials processed with Greaseproof technology protecting the integrity of labels against stains and preventing possible detachment: stain-resistant self-adhesive papers characterised by a special waterproof film, designed specifically for the high-end food and cosmetic packaging sectors and, more generally, for all products containing fats.


For information and to book an appointment: luxepack@fedrigoni.com

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