These Northern Types

These Northern Types is a 16-part typographic exploration of Northern identity. Through an exhibition and book of 16 works, the project asks what it means to be from the north – or indeed any place – in today’s globalised world.


The book features the works from These Northern Types alongside written contributions from some of the region’s leading talents, including 2018 Walter Scott Prize winning author, journalist and poet Benjamin Myers, and musician Boff Whalley.


The 17 pieces of the book feature a wide range of foils and print finishing techniques and are housed in a beautiful Sirio Ultra Black box with black foil and die cut slit.


Papers used
Sirio Ultra Black 460g/m2
Splendorlux Metal Argento 250g/m2
Symbol Matt Plus 150g/m2
Sirio Ultra Black 185g/m2
Arcoprint E/W 140g/m2
Sirio Pearl Silver 125g/m2
Sirio Colour Vermiglione 140g/m2
Nuttuno Blue Navy 140g/m2
Constellation Snow Fiandra 200g/m2
Symbol Freelife Country E/E 170g/m2
GSK Silver 200g/m2
Woodstock Grigio 140g/m2
Ispira Arancio 250g/m2
Splendorlux Light Weight 135g/m2
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